Thursday, September 30, 2010

Writing and Riding

Well sort of ;) Today and yesterday I've been hacking away at my synopsis. I've been going through at least a couple chapters a day trying to describe each page in one sentence. When I start each day, I go back and put the day before's sentence chapter descriptions into paragraphs. Once I've done that, I move on to one sentence per one page the next couple chapters(that way I have something to do the next day *insert sarcastic laughter*. I'm up to chapter 9 for 1 sentence per page descriptions and I've done paragraphs up to chapter 7. Tedious and I'm not even half way done yet!

Anyways, last night I had a great couple hours working with my horses. I worked with all three able bodied ones :) First I round penned Big Boy and then saddled him up and lunged him a little more. After taking off the saddle I took him to the trailer where he loaded fairly easily(we're trying to stay in practice).

Next I moved on to Rain. I round penned her a little with some grooming in between. Then I proceeded to flap the saddle blanket all around her and on each side of her. She had a few panicked laps around the round pen before she realized the blanket might not eat her and it was a little easier(although much scarier) to just stand still. After that I took the saddle and tossed it on her several times from each side. She was tense and was going to walk off a couple times, but I contained her and she did okay. Finally I saddled her up and round penned her a little more.

I finished up with Nina. I round penned her and saddled her, then round penned her some more. She is the most uptight horse. Of course, I haven't worked with her(other than to haul her in the trailer some) for over 2 years, so I don't blame her one bit. Even if she's not my favorite riding horse and is a difficult ride, she needs to be working. There is no reason to have her and not be using her, playing with her, etc.

The only horse that doesn't have to work is my old man, Foster Boss, whom is completely retired. In fact I am facing the possibility that he may not make it through the winter. He's in okay weight but that's about the only thing he's got going for him. He's got a problem with his feet abscessing, he's over the knees and he's arthritic as can be. He had a long working life and with his poor conformation it's showing now, even though he's only 22.

Well so as to not end on a depressing note, here's a picture of the herd :) This was taken in the summer of last year. From left to right:
Nina, Big Boy, Rain, and Foster

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