Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just to let you know...

Banged out 1,472 today putting the word count up to 74,952. Forty-eight words until I hit my total goal for my WIP and while I'll probably go over that, it doesn't matter.

Hodge Podge

Writing: So I haven't done any the past 2 days. I broke my rule and borrowed Living Dead in Dallas and it was just as good as the first one. I intend to write a blog/review during my week of Do Whatever I Want after I write The End :) I do intend to get some writing done today though. Wish me luck, and I'll tell you why...

Baby: So baby has been running a mostly low grade fever today! He woke up not really wanting much of his normal bottle and then was super duper whiney and crabby. As I was changing the poopy diaper, I thought, "ok, he'll feel better after this." Nope, he started screaming again in the middle of the diaper change. At one point this morning he spiked up to 101 F and I gave him baby Tylenol. After a morning nap he felt better, but he is just not feeling good. I can tell; I'm his mom.

Insanity: Ok, I've been doing month 2 of Insanity for the past 9 out of 14 days and it is still kicking my butt! I had a better work out today, but my muscles are just flat out fatigued! I'm gonna keep pushing on though. I don't have a choice, I want to eat what I want to eat. I will say that's not really good for me though, the eating whatever I want. Heart disease runs in my family and when I say run, I mean marathon. Now, I do have the advantage of never embibing alcohol and I don't smoke, but really I'm pretty sure it's just as much hereditary as environment. I keep telling myself I'm going to go to a cardioligist, if not for me, then for baby.

Over and out!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ever Closer

Ok, I'm creeping ever closer :) I say creeping, but I've been banging out the words like crazy. It feels like this end is really dragging though. I"m not sure if it is or if I'm just that eager to wrap things up after the climax. Oh well, guess I won't find out until editing time! I broke my rule and borrowed the 2nd Sookie book. I couldn't pass up a rare opportunity to go to the library, minus baby and get a book. I've been good though, I have written lot's of words today :)
Now a quick word count before going off to read blogs, do dishes and read(not neccesarily in that order either).
Total word count: 73,480
Words today:752
Time today: oh, about 20-30 minutes

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our circumstances...

Do Not Change God. Again: Our circumstances do NOT change God. Seems more profound everytime I read it. I've had a stressful weekend. I will say that today, Sunday has been the least stressful, but that stress is always in the back of my mind, lurking. I'm not going to unload on you, so don't worry that your own stress is going to be added to with pity for me :)
Anyways, here's a quick word count update:
I didn't spend much time working on the book this weekend, but my current word count is 71,666. So I have a feeling I'm going to get quite close too my goal of 75,000. That doesn't really matter though, it was just a rough goal. I have a nagging worry though that word count, aka the possibility of being draggingly(is that a word? It is now!) long, will become a problem during editing. Oh well, no sense worrying now *shrugs* Hope you all are merrily, or not, typing your way ever closer to The End.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Oh I admit it, I am a huge fan!!! Conveniently enough I need to go grocery shopping today, so guess what I will be *cross my fingers* getting? Yup, that's right, the dvd Avatar. Can't wait! I must admit the one downfall to having a baby is that you can't go see certain movies repeatedly on the big screen. You get just one shot and this was one of those movies I would have loved to have seen at least twice on the big screen. Oh well, it comes at a good time, 'cause I'm getting closer and that means a full week of vegging out on whatever I want!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I think because of the way I've had to write I've adapted too well. Even when I'm not interrupted I can only go so far before I have to stop. It doesn't matter that I'm in what should be the last chapter and I'm speeding in a roller coaster down hill until the end. I have taught myself to write in short chunks because I might have to stop if baby wakes up from his nap. Moslty it doesn't bother me to walk away in the middle of a scene, mostly. Oh well, I got a good chunk in today, so I'm happy!
Word count: 69,222
Words today: 1,482
Time spent writing today: ~1 hour

Monday, April 19, 2010


So let's make it short and simple. I started last week out strong and then fizzled out :( Luckily I kept strong enough long enough that it wasn't as shameful as the week before ;) Now, as for today, I managed 970 words and I'm at a word count of 67,740. Also, for some reason I kept thinking that I only had 12 chapters in my book. Upon finishing the second to last chapter I realized that I actually have 13 chapters. So today, most of those 970 words were on starting that last chapter. I have to admit, I may be adding a chapter or may be just a short epilogue. I just don't know!
Ok, I know this isn't numbers, but I did the 2nd work out of month 2 of Insanity and it was a little better :) Not much though! LOL Have a great week and stick with it, whatever your it happens to be :)
Oh, one more thing, baby now has another tooth! That makes 8; he got the first 7 all at once it seemed and it's been a couple months since the last. This tooth totally explains his recent behavior. Ok, over and out!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Insanity, Month 2

Ok, so I started on month 2 of the Insanity workout and it kicked my butt! OMGosh! I haven't been doing it exactly right because your supposed to work out 6 days a week and I only do 5. Ok, there have been weeks I only did 4 ;) The program starts out with a fit test that you will end up taking about every 2 weeks to gage your progress. As for that fit test, well I've been staying the same/moving up a few rep's on each maneuver. Part of last week and this week was the "Recovery Week." Somebody has redefined recovery, let me tell you! I will say that after having "easy" work outs for about 2 weeks, my body feels like it's back to the way it was the first day of the program. I had the worst work out ever. I stayed with the whole work out today, 59 minutes, but quit almost half way through each set because my muscles were jello. So, bottom line is, if you want an intense, INSANE, kick your butt work out program, buy Insanity by Beach Bodies. Wish me luck that I stick with the 2nd month better than I've been writing the second half of this week! Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It Felt Good!

Ok, so I just got done writing most of an important scene. Yesterday a new character that I hadn't planned on entered the equation and today he played a major part in this scene. Strange how a character who wasn't even thought of until this late in the game can just appear and make you go "oh man, this is right!" Yup, he needed to be there to make this scene. Writing today felt good. I was in that zone where you think, "can't stop yet, must go on." Writing doesn't always feel that way to me. I love to write, but a lot of times it's kind of forced because I have to make myself sit in the chair and type. The story's there, but it's a lot of work to actually put it to paper, umm screen, oh whatever. Think I'm lying about being hard? Well, have you wrote a book and it's been published? Hmmmm? Anyways, it's been a long time since I've done something creative and had the feeling. It's almost indescribable, in less of course you've felt it before, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. I was afraid I might not feel it until the book was done and then the feeling would be overwhelmed by pride at accomplishment. But nope, I rocked it today :) Words today=1,186 and Total Word Count=66,228

Monday, April 12, 2010


I have to admit it's a bit pathetic that I wrote in one day, almost the same amount as I wrote in total last week. Today=1,018, Last week:1,398

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Here I am, This is me, There's no where else I'd rather be...

Except maybe The End. But no such luck yet. Quick numbers update:
word count is at 64,024 and I wrote a total of about 1,398 words last week.
Let's just say I will not be reading any more of the Sookie Stackhouse books or watching season one of True Blood until I am done writing the first draft of my current book. Hmmm... maybe I'll do my own review of Dead Until Dark...Yup, definetely coming soon.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Unedited! Sorry.
Ok, so because I wasn’t as faithful documenting each try, this is coming from memory  So I wasn’t able to load Big Boy the next time I tried. In fact, it was hard to just get his front feet in. Eventually while I was lunging him at a trot behind the trailer, I realized he was tired of this game and I hadn’t round penned him enough ahead of time. He jerked his head and before I felt it on the rope, I let go. I knew I couldn’t hold him. He went running around the pasture, I caught him, then he got very tired because we lunged for a lonnng time. Ok, so this attempt sucked and what made me the most angry was that I let myself get frustrated. I hate when that happens because it affects me and my horses. Onward to the next time, same routine, lunge in round pen(making sure he’s actually a little tired) then lunge by trailer and then try to load. The idea of round penning him isn’t to actually wear him down until he’s so tired he can’t refuse. I round pen him until he’s tired because he’s very fresh. Big Boy had the whole winter off, didn’t work too hard the summer before and for about a year before that was a pasture ornament due to me working a lot and then being pregnant. I just want to take the fresh out, not abuse him. Next, the idea of lunging next to the trailer is to say we work outside the trailer and we relax in the trailer. Now that you know my philosophy, guess what? He loaded! And without me having to put the first front foot in for him. The problem is now, despite loads of praise and nothing bad happening in the trailer, he wouldn’t load a second time. This is frustrating! I want him to load because it’s a skill; I don’t want him to be a one trick pony! Not to mention, there is no grass and there is no hay, so these horses have got to go! Lol, so I can’t remember if he loaded again before we had a chance to move the horses, but if he did it was just the same as before, one trick pony. Now comes moving day. I set the alarm on my phone before I work with Big Boy. I give myself 10 minutes to take off the fresh and 15 minutes to try and load him. He didn’t load  So I called hubby who was taking care of baby and said, all right come down here, we’re taking the other 3 and he can just stay. The other 3 loaded great and they went to my brother in law’s where there’s grass. We came back and I decided to try one more time with Big Boy. After about 15 minutes of me standing in the trailer asking him to come in, I shifted to the right side and he came in. Did I try again? Nope, I shut the doors and took him to the other horses. I plan on still working on loading but right now only half the round pen is with the horses. So for now, it’s break time from the horses. I’m sure they’re happy.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I realized while writing yesterday that I’ve been a little afraid. I’ve been lazy too, but a little fear has been there that I didn’t recognize until now. I’ve just gotten into an exciting part in my second to last chapter and I realized I was afraid of it. I’ve also realized I’m afraid of the rest of this chapter and the next. There is some very important stuff happening, climax, conclusion, etc. This is scary stuff. I’ve seen other authors say that when they get to this point of their book they get fanatical about finishing. Food must be shoved down their throats; they must be carried to bed, etc. Well, I’m not one of those people! Lol, I will say I’ve also been lazy(I was afraid until today that this month would be like last, little writing first half and lots of writing second half, but I managed to catch up to my word count goal for the past few days) and a little busy too, what with Easter weekend having just happened. Besides being busy with Easter weekend, hubby was home and I must admit he is a bit of a block when it comes to writing. Sometimes I just get so distracted with being with him and doing out of the ordinary stuff(aka not just sitting at home all day with my whole day revolving around baby) that I don’t want to even try to write. But Easter’s over and I’ve seen my fear, so I do believe I can climb this mountain. How about you, what are you afraid of? Not in general, but right now. Nothing? I hope so :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

10 month old baby

So my baby is 10 months now(actually about 10 m + 1 w)! He’s basically walking but still needs lots of practice as he still falls down in the middle of going from point A to B. He absolutely loves being outside, crawling around in the yard and quite frankly, so do I! He drinks 3 bottles a day and has formula with his meals too. He can finger feed himself, but when it comes to feeding him other foods, he does not prefer the texture of mashed foods. He loves his pureed baby foods! I have to feed him his vegetables and meat before his fruit because after a few bites all he wants is fruit! He is developing more of a personality. Don’t get me wrong, he’s been such a happy go lucky baby but he hardly ever got mad. Now if he wants to do something and I won’t let him he’ll cry. It’s kind of funny to see him mad :) I know that sounds weird, but what can I say? I mean, is it really that bad that I won’t let him have the phone charger? Or go in the bathroom and play with kitty litter and/or pull all the t.p. off the roll? Anyways, I’m still enjoying being a mom and now that the weather’s been nicer, I’m not feeling as much cabin fever! I hope you’re having a great day! Go outside and play!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Are you looking for forever love? Someone who will love you quite literally forever? How about someone who loves you so much they would endure torture for you? Even worse, how about someone who would die for you? Someone who would suffer endless pain and torture and death? What would it be like to be loved like that? Let me tell you, you are loved like that. You were loved before you were born. There is someone out there who will love you no matter what you've done, what you're doing, and what you will do. We all make mistakes, but He doesn't care. Tomorrow we celebrate His resurrection, but don't forget, he had to die to come back to life. He DIED for you and me to wash away our sins. Jesus loves us like that. Jesus/God is our forever love. Happy Easter! Celebrate His forever love!

Attempts 3-6?

On my third attempt with Big Boy he was still very locked up. I knew the key to loading him was getting him unstuck. It is impossible to get a horse in the trailer if he won’t move at all. On the other hand, I didn’t want a major fight or to spend hours lunging him next to the trailer, but I needed to get those feet moving. Also, I didn’t want to start something that I couldn’t stop at a good time, aka at a time when it doesn’t appear to him that he won. So I was stuck for a while. On my fourth attempt I worked him with another squeeze situation. I set two jump poles parallel at about a foot high so that he had to walk between them. This is because I read one time and agree with, that going into a trailer is like squeezing into something for a horse. You know, big wide open world into small trailer. Next I lunged him on each side and at the back of the trailer, asking him to get closer and closer to the trailer. I could really tell the trailer makes him nervous. He kept shying away from it at first, but finally did ok. On my fifth attempt, he was still not loading. I lunged him again next to the trailer to get him used to it and he does ok at first. After a while he gets very frisky. What he needs is a good lunging session. I was trying to figure out how to do this. I needed the other horses up(the round pen is the only place to confine the horses) while I tried to load him but I need them loose while we lunge. How to do this? It turns out it wasn’t so hard  On my sixth attempt I caught Big Boy and round penned him, not too bad, but he did sweat a little. After I was done, I caught up the others and put them in the round pen. I lunged Big Boy with the trailer door open at the side and at the back of the trailer. I could just tell he was a little more willing. I picked up a front leg and set it in the trailer and then I got in. He left it there and with a lot of coaxing, but no bribery, he eventually (read long time) got all the way in the trailer. I unloaded him and then tried again, but not as successfully. I got two feet in again, same way as before, but then he backed out. I managed to get his front two feet in again, but I could just tell he was not as willing. We were both tired, it was getting dark and I was getting frustrated(despite one successful load.) So I quit with one load and a second/third time of getting his front feet in.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Here comes April!

Ok, let’s go retro. I started out on March 1 with a word count of 49,480. My goal was to write 284+ words a day to end on March 30 with a word count of at least 58,000. How was I with my self-discipline? Well not so hot in the beginning, but I kicked it into gear the last couple weeks and managed to end March with a word count of 61,104.
Ok so my goal is for my first draft to be done June 1. Really, I’d love to be ahead of schedule, so even though I ended with a + word count at the end of March, I’m going to pretend I ended right on schedule. So I’ll stick with a daily word count goal of 284+, hoping to write about 8,520 words, ending with a word count of 69,624 words at the end of April.
I hope that your current WIP is on its way to The End and if you haven’t yet started, “Today is the day.” Write something, anything… even if it’s an outline or some character names. Just get started! If you’re on your way to The End, “Go You!”
I wish you what I hope you wish me, self-discipline!