Saturday, July 31, 2010

True Blood

Ok, so I’ve watched the first season of True Blood. I have to admit that I’ve never watched HBO before and so the first show made my jaw hit the floor and I was holding my hands up blocking out the TV as I asked my husband if they could really show what they were showing on TV. He said yes and really, I know it’s true anyways, ‘cause it’s not a dream.
Once I got over watching some scenes that were, in my mind, better suited to porn and not to a TV show, I started critiquing the show. The first thing I didn’t like was that they made Sookie seem so…I don’t know, simple, dumb? I think that maybe I feel this way because I’ve read 9 Sookie books so far and I’ve seen her evolve as a character. I should go back and read book one again and see, but I don’t have time for that. Next, I’m not sure if I like the guy who plays Bill. Sometimes I look at him and think he is hot and other times I think he just looks silly. I’m not sure how I feel about Tara playing a more prominent role right away than I thought she played in the books, but watching Tara and Arlene it seems as though they’re being set up early on for later books. Plus I realize that with the limited time and space TV offers, some things have to move faster and be a little different for it to work. I recognize that’s why they focus so much on Jason being a flat out whore, but I respect the books more for their tactfulness.
All in all, despite my complaints, I am watching season 1 quite avidly and enjoying myself. And after the first couple episodes, my critiquing has died down and I’ve been able to enjoy them more. I’m not sure if I’d watch the show if I hadn’t read the books, but it’s too late now. I will say, book vs. TV, book wins in my eyes. But that’s just one person’s opinion; of course, this is my blog ;)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The 2nd End!!!

I reached The End of D2 today! Here's some stat's:
D1 has 230 pages; 75,697 words, and a very long prologue.
D2 has 235 pages; 74,152 words and no prologue(I decided the book didn't it. Good thing, huh?)
Now I'm going to take a few days off to let the book stew. Also I'll be reading Moon Sworn by Keri Arthur. It's the last book in the Riley series so I'm loking forward to it and almost, but not quite dreading it since it's the last one. I hope you guys are typing towards, or reading towards, The End.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I just have to vent! I just read the blog about Tennessee Walking Horses over at the Fugly Horse of the Day Blog and I watched the videos. The showing TWH's look hideous! There is absolutely NOTHING attractive about the way they move. Somebody please explain to me why people want them to look like that? Why would you put those giant horse shoes and pads on a horse's feet? It makes no sense to me. I consider myself a middle of the road person when it comes to training techniques, so I'm not into gimmicks and I'm not into all natural. I think it's ok to shoe a horse and I also think that there are certain times where it is perfectly appropriate to leave a horse unshod. However I do not think it's right the way they shoe those horses. I don't know a lot about gaited horses, but from what I've seen, TWH aren't the only ones shod extremely(in my opinion.) I've seen some Saddlebreds that had some big honkin' shoes on them. I want a horse to move the best it can in a natural way to perform the job it's bred to do. A TWH can most definitely gait in regular or even no shoes, so why those giant shoes. That's not even mentioning the cruel soring that's going on. Heck, if my choice is to exercise in my husband's work boots, or to put diesel fuel on my feet, then wrap them in plastic and then work out in my own tennis shoes, I choose my husband's boots! But really, I'd rather just wear appropriate fitting, not super heavy tennis shoes over either option. Ok...I could go on and on and just repeat myself over and over because this makes me sooooo MAD! So, I'm going to stop and actually work on my book for the first time in several days. Bye now!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Lub Dub

So I had my stress test today, got an event monitor and had my blood taken.
1. I went 12.5 minutes on the treadmill, it got faster and higher every 3 minutes. By the end, I was running! Let me warn you, they practically yank you off that treadmill when you're done and plop you on the table to ultrasound your heart. My blood pressure was 156 over 85, my heart rate was 175(I needed a minimum of 165 or maximum of 195). I guess I'll find out next week how it went.
2. An event monitor is a pain in the butt...'nuff said.
3. Got a voicemail just before I dropped my mom off at her house that I needed to lay off the deep fried food and creamy sauces for the next 8 weeks and it said they were going to do another blood draw after that 8 weeks. Good thing is I don't like creamy sauces, bad thing is I don't eat very much deep fried food. So what I'm wondering is, do I ever get fried food again? and I'm wondering if it's not the fried food, then what is it? The sad thing is I started exercising 4 or 5 months ago so I could eat whatever I wanted! I'm trying to tell myself it's good to be preventative when it comes to my health...we'll see if that works.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hey Hey

Had a great visit with my best friend(girl friend, not the hubby) while our babies had a good time playing next to each other :) They're only 1, lol.
I've edited 195 out of 233 pages. Right now I'm half way through chapter 12 which seems to be just one longggggg, continuous scene, although I do feel it's neccesary. I'll fix that later I guess.
G' night!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ooo Eeee, Ooo Ah Ah

Ting, tang, wadda, wadda, bing bang.... Anyways, I read chapter 11 yesterday and I'm working on editing it today. I've done 180 out of 233 pages. I also walked and trotted Rain last night in the round pen and then hubby led us around in the field :) She is doing great.
Baby bonked his head pretty badly but seems to be ok. He was tired and running 'cause he was mad at me. Hubby came home early and is taking a nap as I type. Honestly, I'd like to be taking a nap too :) Ok, onward, onward. Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I always feel like I should be doing more, even as I write this post to tell you what I've accomplished. Seems silly, huh? But while I think of what I've done right, I"m also thinking of what I haven't done, like dishes, swiftering, laundry, baby's baby book, or worked out today, etc. But I will try to feel uplifted as I tell you what I have done.
I jogged 1.2 miles yesterday without stopping. I also walked another .4 miles, once I caught my breath from the jog :)
I took care of a friends horses, twice a day this weekend and Monday.
I took baby to the park for the first time :)
Baby got his hair cut today(by the way, he fake cried to show he wasn't happy about the hair cut).
I finished editing chapter 10.
I have edited 170 pages out of 233 pages.
I rode Rain last night(I've worked and/or rode her at least 5 or 6 times in the past 2 weeks.)
I let hubby put baby to sleep last night so that I could get in a good work out and ride with Rain.
So the dishes aren't done, but I need to be honest, I probably wouldn't have done them anyways. So I need to give myself a break and so do you(give yourself a break that is). There will always be MORE to do. Prioritize what's important and do that first! There's my advice to all of us, and now on to some brief web surfing and reading chapter 11 so it can sit and stew before I rip into it.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Where do you get yours? Some things I do, writing, etc., I have inspiration to do them. Some things I do because I feel like I have to, like exercising. I want to eat what I want and not gain weight and so I exercise. Before I exercise and during the exercise, I feel like I’m pulling the effort out of me, like a stubborn tooth.
Now I write because I want to, although I sometimes require/like a little inspiration. For my current work in progress I listened to the soundtracks to Twilight and New Moon. I tried to listen to something else once, it was Taylor Swift whom I really like, but it just didn’t do it for me. Oddly enough, now that I’ve been editing, I don’t need the music like I did before. I’m not sure why, but I am ok with it. I also had a neat looking cuff bracelet that I kept sitting by a small figurine, both by my laptop. I’ve misplaced the braclet, but the figurine is still here. Once again, I don’t feel the need to look at them as much now that I’m editing. The thing is, as I’m editing right now, I’m fixing a lot of major flaws. It’s not really a fine tuning and I’m thinking that when I start fine tuning my current WIP that I’ll be hobbling on those crutches once again. I don’t mind though, it's all about whatever it takes to get it done.
So what’s your inspiration?
On a side note, I've made it to chapter 10:), but I am behind on my own goals :(

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Glug Glug

So, my family health history is overloaded with heart disease, hince I went to see a cardiologist, just for preventive measures. Now I have to have blood tests for my heart and thyroid, take a stress test, and wear a halter thing to moniter my heart. Ok, so sometimes, maybe half the time, my heart will jump(they call it palpations) during exercise and aparently that's not normal. Despite all that, I'm not really worried. Strange, huh?
Anyways, exercise was my accomplishment of the day(so far). I ran for .8 miles, took a 3 minute p. break, ran for .3 miles and then walked for .5 miles. Acording to my new pedometer, I burned 135 calories, took over 3000 steps, and of course went the distance of 1.6 miles. GO ME!!!
Now, on to chapter 8, which when I read it yesterday afternoon, I liked dispite the mistakes I found. It was a strange feeling to read it thinking, "Hey, I actually like this?!"

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I've used word for a long time, but there are still times where it drives me nuts!!! I had lines, actual lines that I couldn't get to go away! After much frustration, copying and pasting and writing back and forth between documents I have made the lines disappear and I have finished chapter 7. That's right, I said 7. Lol, no I"m not that good, I just kept thinking I was on chapter 6 when it was actually 7. Sad, huh? But now, after weeks, months, years....I know, a bit of exaggeration, I am ready for the next chapter. And I am ashamed to admit, I am behind schedule :( Wish me luck with this next chapter!!! I've edited 123 out of 233 pages.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Catch Up

Ok, so like I said, I went camping this past weekend. I stayed in a camper for the first time while camping and I admit it, it was much easier to be in a camper rather than a tent when you have a one year old. Baby had a blast, but in many ways, at his age, camping is the same old same old for me when it comes to watching him. I know that one day he’ll stop when I say stop and stay close, but that day wasn’t while we were camping. Thank God for the camper and the pack ‘n play. When he wasn’t inside one of the two, I was chasing him around, keeping him away from the other campsites and more importantly away from the fire. He loved the river, but I’ve discovered he doesn’t like the water coming up near his head, even when I’m holding him. So he doesn’t really enjoy it if I’m chest deep; he’d start whining or trying to climb up me. Oh well, that’s an easy fix :)
I spent Monday writing part of chapter 6 in first person. For some reason that was the only way it was going to come out my brain, down my fingers, through the key board and onto the page. After I wrote about 1,000 words/4 pages, I did a rough copy paste of the new stuff with the old stuff that I want to keep. Next I need to do some major editing to make it all work nicely together. Which is what I did today...Can you tell I prewrote some of todays blog? Anywho, let's finish it up...
Ok, so I didn't do super good on my list yesterday, but between yesterday and today, I've done great! I went for a run today, working on my book both days, cleaned up around the house a little yesterday and took care of baby both days! Yay me!!!
I'm still plugging away at chapter 6, but it's a little easier now 'cause I'm not writing, I'm editing. *Read* cut, paste, delete, type, cut, paste..... I will conquer this chapter!

Monday, July 12, 2010


So I disappeared due to camping and preparations for camping. I'm back now and I have a busy day planned, writing, running, cleaning up around the house, better blogging, and taking care of baby(of course!). I'm still struggling with chapter 6. I've written a little bit of the new and I had an idea over the weekend of something else to add but I just can't quite wrap my brain around getting this done. Part of my problem is I keep thinking in 1st person and that's not how the book's been written. I'm debating if I should just let loose, write it in first person and then change it when I'm done. We shall see. Blog to you later, I promise.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Uh ohhhhhh

After reading through chapter 5 and 6, I went on to edit 5 while stewing on 6. I was not a happy camper when it came to stewing on 6. I knew I needed to do a major rewrite on it and I tried desperately to find some way to convince myself that I was wrong. Well, I wasn't and I need to. So yesterday I came up with a general outline of how the new combined with a little old chapter 6 should go. Now I need to write it. I'm finding that I am definetely in a different state of mind since I've been editing and it is a daunting thought to switch gears back in to writing mode.
All the while I've been toying with an idea for a different book and this has made me grateful that I decided to let the other idea sit and stew in the back of my mind while I continue editing my current WIP.
I had a wonderful weekend with family and got a couple horses moved to greener pastures(literally). Not to mention I spent 45 minutes last night working with Rain. I round penned her, saddled her and got on and off her once from both sides. Yay! I'm heading out camping this weekend and it should be lots of fun! Oh yeah, I took baby to a water park today and he loved it!
There's your all around peek into my life for right now :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July

Ok, this has got to be quick. I'm sure the family has noticed my absense, although hubby hasn't come to get me yet. It's getting dark and the fireworks should start soon!
I'm on page 104 out of 230 as of tonight and that's 'cause I spend a little over 30 minuts of the holiday working on my book :)
I'll touch base tomorrow to let you know how my weekend went!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

What I Know *singing*

Hmmm, the singing went away 'cause blogger just messed up and erased my post! Let's recap: I'm falling in like with the Degrassi show, HS version. I put in 1 1/2 hours editing. I'm on page 95 out of 229. I plan on reading chapter 6 to let it stew in my brain for tomorrow.
Happy early Fourth of July in case I go slacker when it comes to blogging!
Oh, and I can't wait 'til Saturday!!!! I'm going to see Eclipse with hubby, eat at Red Lobster and watch fireworks with friends that night.