Sunday, June 30, 2013

Monster University

The family and I went to see Monster's University yesterday. What a super cute movie! I was a little worried about this movie because it was jumping backwards in time and that could have some flaws. I loved the story and how it tied in to the first movie. Not to mention, the young one loved it too. In other personal news...I spent at least an hour in a shoe store yesterday and still don't know if I got the right pair of running shoes. Sometimes that is just how life goes. Sometimes, we just don't know if we have it right. Which leads to writing. I have no idea if I have GoP right. I've been querying it for three months now, but haven't had the slightest nibble. I of course love my book and think it's great, but no agent has yet been interested. I haven't sent out very many queries, just a few at a time, and I will continue to patiently wait(which I hear is the name of the game in publishing, so at least I'm getting practice!). As for my current WIP, I'm still slowly plugging away. I was stuck for so long I've gotten out of the habit of writing consistently. Not to mention I'm still not sure the solution I came up with is the right one. I'm at the point where I'm trying to decide if I should keep riding this horse until it's dead *cough* I mean done, or if I need to stop, make a "new" outline to see if I can fix whatever my finicky gut is opposing right now and start over. Of course I'll have lots of writing to steal and reform to the new version, so that wouldn't be so bad. I just hate to quit. Well, that shall be all for now. I'm off to round up the hubby and young one, head home to change, and then off for a run(the easiest thing to do, no thought or concentration, just a pair of tennis shoes, shorts and a tank top!) Here's to writing and hobbies and living your life! Keep at it!