Thursday, September 16, 2010


Quite literally. Now I'm thinking to myself, who wants to read about poop on a blog, but then I realized when thinking about a blog I just read by the author of Paranormalacy, that I'm doing this blog for myself. And myself is thinking about poop! Let me explain...

Baby had 4+ diapers of poop, specifically diarrhea, yesterday and 2 diapers so far today. Other than that he is eating ok, drinking a lot, acting fine except....he hasn't been napping as well(although that could be because he fell asleep before eating lunch) and he's been putting his fingers in his ears a lot lately. Now at first I thought it was just the fact he found he has 2 more holes in his body and it sounds really cool to plug up those holes and then make noise. He never tugs at this ears, or rubs at them and cries, just sticks his fingers in them. I haven't noticed a fever either. But now he has diarrhea....I just don't know.

Let's add on top of the baby conundrum the fact that my beloved Scooper, my cat who is twelve years old, has had a couple of accidents that were diarrhea and had blood in them. Okay, can we say TOO MUCH POOP! So needless to say I scheduled a vet visit for this afternoon and I currently have her poop in zip lock bags in my 'fridge. My husband is going to kill me when he A. reads this or B. sees the poop in the 'fridge(please God no!).

Ok, let's add on top of this the fact that my old man, aka Foster boss, aka my twenty something year old horse, has an abscess and keeps losing the medicine boot which means the abscess ain't a healing up! Yes I could do a duck tape boot, but it's so much easier to slide on the rubber boot by Davis! Now I have to spend this evening at the vet and then coming home to search the field for the boot so that I can soak his hoof, scrub it and once again put the boot on.

Plus I really need to get my butt in gear and break Rain. I'm having negative thoughts about her which I"m sure are caused by my stupidity and falling off. I love to ride but I need to do some fun riding. The problem is that I won't let myself because it's supposed to be more important that I break out Rain so I can sell her, as originally planned when I bought her while I was pregnant 2 years ago.


Ok, I"m going to try to quite complaining now. Happily I've put red ink to several more pages and now just need to put that ink on Word, but....I'm rereading Twilight. Why? Because if I read a new book I will completely desert all work ethic for my current WIP. That can't happen until D3 is complete. So, there! All right, I'm done now.

Mmmmmm....One more thing. I still need a job 'cause writing a book and being a stay at home mom are still not paying cash!

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