Sunday, January 8, 2012


*No time to proofread, so sorry for mistakes. Just be happy I'm posting ;) ***
Since it's now 2012 and I haven't posted since November, I've still been slacking on blogging. It is a pain to keep up with from even an Iphone. The good news is I haven't failed at writing. I am now working on D3. This is my paper version and my favorite. There's so much you miss on a computer screen. This time as compared to my first book, I can really tell that my mind is wrapping around fixing the story line. I'm finding it easier to look at each chapter and especially the ones that have other characters actively involved, and I can think, why is this character doing that? What is their motivation? Does what they're doing make sense, or do I need to rethink their actions and reactions. It's going slow, getting changes on paper and then onto the computer, but it's going. After I get all the changes on paper into the computer, I'll do a final read through/fix of D3 and start sending out the completed D3 to my beta readers. Hopefully that will move quickly too. Then on to another D4, may be D5 and finally query letters, etc. Still a lot to do, but my goal is to be querying before, before, before June 2012.
Also, while I started this goal before 1/1/12, I'll mention it now. I'm working toward running a 5K(3.2 miles) race by April-June, depending on which race I choose. Wish me luck, as I'm wishing you luck with your goals!