Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Not over yet!

I managed to squeeze in a post in February! Go me! Okay, seriously let's make this sweet:
WRITING- I'm still on D3; I've got all my edits on paper and half of those edits into the computer. I looked back and saw my goal to be querying by June. That's still my goal but I need to get the ball rolling.
DREAMING- spent today's spare moments mentally thumbing through ideas for my next book. It felt good but made me a little spacey at work.. You win some you lose some!
TODDLER-is completely potty trained at 2 1/2! That is truely a great thing.
ANIMALS- I am no longer free feeding my cats since Jackie is over weight. Which wasn't a big deal until she can't clean "herself". Yup that's exactly what I mean! Needless to say its a pain because Scooper needs to free feed. Animals are more needy than toddler!
FAMILY- is always a fine balancing act(with regards to extended family, not hubby). I'm working on it though I am wore out.
Okay, that sums 'er up! Not exciting but at least it's a blog!