Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How Many Times

So I was wondering to myself last night, how many times have I read my WIP so far? Then of course it got more complicated because I don't count writing D1 or creating D2 as reading. Those two things do count as a "go through" though. So I scribbled out(sounds better than the truth, which is I typed it) all my "go through's" and "read through's".

1.Wrote D1
2.Edited D1 creating D2
3.Read through paper copy of D2
4.Started on D3= A. reading D2 and painting it with red ink B. skimming through my painted copy of D2 as I transfer the paint to word and C. going back every few chapters of D3 and reading it to check for more mistakes.

So I’ve actually read my WIP 3 times, I’ve been through it 3 times, and that totals out to 6 times!

Also I'd like to note that I've gotten to page 183 of D3 and I've put red ink to paper but still need to put it to D3 on Word up to page 202.

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