Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Ok, I am almost done with Draft 3!!!!! All I have to do is backtrack and read pages 166-230 to do another sweep for mistakes and changes to make and I'll be finished! I'm going to give up stat's right now though, because I feel like it!
D3=230 pages, 21 chapters, and 71,907 words Compare that to:
D2= 234 pages, 13 chapters and 74,163 words Compare that to:
D1= 229 pages, a prologue + 13 chapters and 75,697 words

What's some major differences? Well I dropped the prologue from D1, but added enough words in D2 that the word count was almost the same! I tightened up the manuscript enough to lose 2256 words, although lets face it, that's not a lot of tightening, lol. My chapter count went up because as I did D3 I divided the chapters up in a tidier, makes more sense, fashion.
My dilemma now? I'm sending out D3 to 2 beta readers. When/if I decide the mistakes/changes should be applied, does that count as D4 or is it still D3?
I've got a little over a week until my goal date of having this book finished is reached. So what's my plan right now? I'm going to finish my final read over and changes for D3 and then I'm going to take a break from the manuscript. I hope to get a query letter written up and a list of agents to contact. In that time, I'll let the manuscript sit for at least a couple weeks before looking at it again and possibly applying suggestions from my beta readers. From there I really need to send it to one or 2 more beta readers and make any necessary changes. My hope is to have my WIP actually queried out to agents before January 1, 2011.
In the mean time, I've got a shiny new idea that ain't going away! I've been typing up notes and doing some research for the past month or so. I'm kind of scared to start on it though. I feel like the book may be "it" for me, not that I don't love my current project, but I just have a feeling about this next idea. I also don't want to start it too soon and A. burn myself out('cause I really need to read some books!) and B. I don't want to slack off the business end of finishing up/getting my current WIP out to the world.
Okay, wish me luck as I wish you luck!

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