Friday, September 3, 2010

Random for Today

I'm addicted to reading blogs and blogging. I also like to change the background of my blog every so often and since I have no tech skills, I stick with the options blogger offers me. *shrugs* Mostly I don't mind, but some day, when I'm published :), it would be fun to have a unique background. I can dream and I do!
I'm not sure if I'll blog much this wknd, since it's Labor Day wknd here in the US. Right now I have no plans for Saturday; Sunday is church and a get together with my dad's side of the family(I"m really looking forward to this since it's been a year since the last one); Monday is the church picnic.
I've had lots of wonderful ideas for what I think will be the next book I write. Can I say, I love research! Or at least the research I'm doing right now. Now the nitty gritty research that is involved when in actual writing process(what does Such City actually look like, how close is the nearest airport...) is not so fun, but the creative before I actually write a book research is lovely. This is despite the fact that I lack the control to stop and stay up much later than I intend!
Ok I'm off to quickly *crosses fingers* compose a birthday wish list and may be a couple future blogs and then work on my WIP :)

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