Saturday, October 29, 2011


Life and writing books has it's highs and it's lows. Right now both are stressing me out. It doesn't help that I'm a high strung person(think thoroughbred). In life my toddler is sick, I'm working two six day in a row weeks(and even with some early days it's still hard), and I feel like I can't get ahead. As for my book, I'm in a "this sucks and I'm not good enough" frame of mind. It's an ugly truth but you all know we can't live on a constant high. I just want to be honest, ya know? Ok so there's a little honest pity partying( that's a jab only at myself) hopefully next time will be more upbeat. Write through the good and the bad, no matter what!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

I am aware it's late October

So, ummm, yeah... Let's move on *clears throat* I am still working on D2. I've been making sure everything is in past tense. For some reason I have a problem staying in the same, correct tense when writing in first person. Beyond that I've also been thinking about the next book(s). I know that's dangerous because I have no guarantee that I'll sell the first, but still.... So I came up with yet another tweak to the story line that doesn't majorly change this book but leaves another thread or two open for the next book. Right now I'm dealing with the worry that I haven't explained enough about the "rules and history". It's hard for me to step back far enough to see if I have. I'm really hoping looking at the book on paper will help me out.
Anyways, on a much lighter note I've somewhat recently read the first book in Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamers series. It was great. I haven't let myself read much of the second; I'm saving it for after D2. Also this weekend I watched Real Steel. Great movie! I'm always impressed when an action movie has a storyline and can cause emotional reactions. It exemplifies what I want my stories to do to readers.
Okay, enough is enough, I guess. Keep on writing!