Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Beta Reader

You better trust them and like who ever they happen to be. I felt a surge of fear and strangely enough, embarrassment, when I found out my first beta reader was reading my chapter 1. This is a new experience for the both of us, added on top of the fact that the type of book my WIP is, isn't quite her cup of tea. So why am I having her read it? I think she can and will be more objective about the whole thing. I have another beta reader whom I plan on giving D4 to that likes the genre I'm writing in. I know that both of them will be able to let me know about the flow and content of the book, but each in their own helpful way. I'm not going to lie, I would be thrilled if my first beta would gush about the book when she's done reading it :) She's very busy with her day time job so this will be a bit of a drawn out process. As for my progress on D3, I am up to page 133. So I have approximately 100 more pages to go.
For all, I have an over active imagination, of your sake's I have decided to forgo a detailed rundown of my weekend. Suffice it to say it was LOVELY! Seriously!
Keep writing, or riding, or editing, or all three! Or what ever it is you're passionate about!

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