Monday, September 20, 2010

Sick List

1. Baby is still having loose stools, although not as often. He is still eating and drinking great and not running a fever.
2. Foster is still having issues with his abscess. I'm thinking this is due to the rubber medicine boot more so than the abscess. I took off the boot this morning and will see tonight how his hoof and abscess looks.
3. Scooper is still having loose stools, but I haven't found any diarrhea. After giving her the medicine the vet prescribed, she did horrible. All she did was lay on the floor and sleep. This is very unusual for her. I talked to the vet and she said to take her off the medicine for one night and then call the next day. I haven't given her any more medicine because she is slowly getting back to her normal self. Ugh!
4. Big Boy has an ulcer on his eye which required a farm call from the vet, staining of the eye and now he needs medicine in his eye 4 times a day! He and Nina will be coming back to deplete our hay supply since I'm not going to drive to my brother-in-law's 4 x's a day to put med's in his eye.
Other news: The appraisal on the house we want to buy seems to have went great. We should know in a couple weeks if everything is a-okay and ready to sign papers. I put in an application to start substitute teaching at one school and need to apply at a couple more schools so that I'm working 5 days a week. I'm still searching for that "perfect" job, but since I haven't found it and it hasn't found me, sub'ing it is. I'm up to page 202 in Word for D3 and I've put ink to paper for about 7-10 more pages. Ok see you later!

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