Sunday, March 31, 2013

Guilty as Charged!

There really isn't a need to confess, when it is blatantly obvious I have not posted for a whole year, is there? There are so many reasons why, but mostly it all links back to having no internet access at home accept when using my iphone. I detest blogging from my phone. But for a couple of reasons, I'd like to start up again. Ready for it?? Greed...Yup, greed. Not for money, but because I want to be published and I am well aware that an online presence(though mine here is small, in fact, it's minuscule) is very helpful to one who wants to be published. So...I'm a bad person I guess ;) Oh yeah, there was another reason...the other reason I started in the first place. This blog place of mine was meant to be sort of an online diary/place of accountability. Now, while I don't mind sharing a bit of myself, within reason, I mostly want to be accountable somewhere when it comes to my writing. Of course, in all honesty, I make no guarantees to keep this up. But I will endeavor to try! So now that I've kick started this blog back up, let me give a brief update on where I am in my writing life: I finally found a couple of people to read the second book I wrote. One of my beta readers finished my story and said she really liked it...Weeeeeeee! There's a good feeling for ya :) I've just send the book to my second beta reader, so no response yet from her....Waiting is hard. Lucky me, possibly unlucky them, I work with both. Que evil laughter***ha*ha*ha* I have finally sent out queries for my second book. Out of the first three, I have already received 2 no's. Yes I know that is a part of the industry, but man it still stings. As for actual writing, I am 2/3's of the way through my 3rd book. Honestly I am stuck right now. I think that part of that is that I have been sucked back into the book I am querying, let's call it GoP. I don't know if I will keep plugging away at WIP 3 or may be stop and read something to give my brain a break. Wish me luck and perseverance!