Monday, September 27, 2010


Today I took some time for me :) Me and baby headed to the library where I picked up the next Sookie book to read. And by next, I mean my next(Dead and Gone.) I also took the time to read to baby in the very cute kids' section of the library. Of course all he wanted to do was explore this new place, so I let him. Lucky me, there was no one else in the kids' section. He had a blast until it was time to leave. We only read 2 books and honestly he really didn't appreciate them. *shrugs*
Do you know what else happened at the library? Well let me start by saying I park in a parking lot behind the library, enter through the back way which is a basement level and then I ride up an elevator to the library. While I was there, a young boy, maybe 14?, was walking around and watching me and baby. When I got ready to leave, guess who was behind me in line for the elevator? Yup! I was a little nervous until I turned upon hearing him talking to another young boy who had an arm full of books. Silly, huh? And yet...I admit A. I'm paranoid and B. Even in the rural area I live in, you never know.
Ok, what else did I do? Well I filled up feed barrel with bleach and water, something I"ve been meaning to do for the past 4-5 days, then I put medicine in one of my horse's eyes, and I started a load of laundry. Which I need to go put in the dryer. Anyways, after that I had lunch, played on the internet and then...dun, dun, dun*cues dramatic music*...I read a book! Now not all of the book, but I at least enjoyed some of it :) I also managed to stop before trying to finish the book(reading should be savored, you know?) and...
hopped online to research the Daunting task of writing a synopsis. Hence the post title. Let me just say, writing a synopsis really is daunting(but necessary if an agent you want to query requires one) and time consuming. Right now I'm not worried about all the little details(formatting the page, number of pages, etc.) I'm just concentrating on getting the darn thing started. I'm going to go with the method of dry outlining your chapters and then spicing up the dry outline for a great synopsis. By the by, when I say dry outlining, I'm starting with summing up each page or so of the book in one sentence. Can you say tedious???!!! Ok, I've been productive for both myself and my book, and now baby is up, so I"m off to get him!

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