Monday, September 13, 2010


Ok, I've tripped up and slacked off on blogging! I also went on a trip this weekend out of state. It's a 5 hour drive there or back :) but it took longer due to bathroom breaks and because of baby. All in all, baby did great for the ride. Here's some tips: bring lots of snacks and a small cooler with drinks, bring a portable dvd player, bring several movies for said dvd player, bring toys that baby can play with in the car, make sure you let baby down to walk/run(if they're old enough) when you stop for breaks, even if there's no real reason to stop, do it every couple hours anyways, don't forget the pacifier, pack extra diapers and wipes, pack extra clothes in case the ones they're wearing get snacks or juice on them, and be patient! Really, for a 15 month old who has never done this long of a trip, he did great!
I have been working on my book, other than Sat and Sun, despite my lack of blogging. Promising feedback from my first two beta readers :) Have a great week and talk to you soon, I promise!

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