Sunday, November 27, 2011, have you done it?

My friend's husband passed away a week ago. I'm still hurting for her, but I'm glad he's in a better place. It was rough at the end.
After a total of 3 trips to the hospital, my dad finally found out what's wrong. We feared a stroke, but it turns out he's got some nerves that have been pinched and fused due to his use of crutches to walk. The bad news is, he won't have surgery until Feb. to fix one of his hips, so he'll still be walking with crutches until then. The good news is obvious, he didn't have a stroke. Praise God!
Writing think I should have writing news? Lol, well I haven't got a whole lot. Work this past week was crazy between my friend being gone, another coworker calling out the day before the holiday, and learning that the float we're supposed to build to represent the float, will be built this week, a few days before the actual parade. It makes for a stressed me, which equals slow going. I've only made it half way through chapter 2 and I will still need to go back and insert the changes on the computre. So...shame on me? I'll do better this week, or at least I'll try.
You keep on writing!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


I'm sitting in the ER with my dad and I'm terribly bored. We're waiting on test results :-(. It occurred to me I hadn't blogged about Breaking Dawn yet. I was just as I suspected, right down to the part where they ended it, leaving me furious that I have to wait another year for part two. It really was fantastic though.
Sad news... My friend's husband lost the fight against cancer last night. I'm flat out trying not to think about because it hurts too much.
I have been toying with an idea for my next WIP during my break in between drafts. The developing of the character and the middle and end of the story is agonizingly slow. Either because I'm still tuned in Tony current WIP or because I'm determined to iron these details out painstakingly in order. I'll be printing out D2 tomorrow so that I can begin D3.
Well keep on working at it! And sorry this is short and choppy but it is late and I am stressed.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Thank You Veterans!

There is so much for me to say today :) First and foremost, in the USA it's Veterans Day. I know people who have served and are serving in our military and I am eternally gratefull for their sacrifice. Even when they come back physically whole, looking fine, there is still a sacrifice made. Service and war changes people, yet many go back again and again for you and me. I pray God's blessings fall upon them.
Next... I'm on day 2 of taking a break and my head is a boiling pot! Part of this is due to some emotional overload I'm experiencing in my own life. Extreme emotions always need an outlet and writing or thinking about my stories is my outlet. I'm off work and at home today with my toddler, so I have a big decision, work on a story(a new one), take a nap, or keep reading My Soul To Save?
As for my personal life, well I'll go there just a little bit. There are several people in my life struggling with personal problems. When they suffer, I suffer. It's hard for me to balance my compassion with leaving things in God's hands. I have a friend whose husband is battling cancer in a very scary way right now and it breaks my heart for her. I'm praying for them and I'd love it if you all could too. That's not all there is going on, but that's all I'll say. I'll leave it at saying once again, emotional turmoil.
I hope if you're struggling in life right now or know others who are that you're turning to God or being a light for Him to them. Keep on keeping on!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Say Hello to The End

So I finished the second draft!! This is only the second time reaching this goal(seeing as how this is the second book I've ever finished) and I'm not quite sure how I feel. Relief, excitement, eagerness to plunge ahead, dread at starting another draft... I intend on taking a break even if my brain is currently churning for the next issue to solve. I need time to refresh myself. I'm looking forward to reading something I haven't wrote. I've tried really hard and succeeded in not reading anything else for at least a month and just working on my book. Now I'm going to read the 2nd soul screamers book by Rachel Vincent and try to read the 3rd book in a different series that I loved the first 2 but couldn't get into the third. I'm hoping that was because my brain was too caught up in my own book. And I'm not sure what else other than seeing Breaking Dawn(though I'll probably be working on ready to start working on my book again by then). You guys keep On and remember to keep yourself rejuvenated creatively!