Saturday, September 25, 2010

Deadline Dames

So I was writing a comment in response to a question asked by Erica Hayes, the Dame for the Day over at Deadline Dames, and I decided to make my post my comment. Creative, huh? First off, here's the question(s) that was(were) asked:

Over to you: if you’re a writer: where’s your writing haven? And what are you escaping from?

And if you’re a reader, help me out here: how do you like best to interact with your favorite authors? Blog posts like this? Twitter? Facebook? What kind of stuff do you like hearing about from authors? Writing updates? Favorite reads? Cat pics?

And here is my answer:

I love following other authors on blogs, it gives me a glimpse into their lives revealing…they live regular lives too! They’re not like movie stars, you can relate to them and I find that very comforting.
Right now I live in a very tiny apartment, so I write on my laptop at the dining room table(where we never eat; seriously it’s covered in mail, the laptop, my purse, the 2nd and part of the 3rd draft of my current WIP… you get the picture!) When I was writing my WIP I kept the tv off and played a couple of cd’s, but now that I’m editing I usually have the tv on for background noise. If…I mean when I get published I fully intend to buy an inexpensive(sounds better than cheap, doesn’t it?) laptop that only has Microsoft Word on it. While I do use the internet for research, it often ends up distracting me…like now LOL, anyways, thanks for the post!

Also, have fun finding all my typos in my original comment at DD, cause I didn't spell check. It's first draft stuff in all its glory!

Feel like relating to other readers or authors? Head on over to and read the comments in response to Erica's post.

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