Saturday, October 30, 2010


1. Moving bil 2. Trick or Treating 3. WIP 4. Life 5. Gift buying 6. Yard saleling(ok, I only went to one, but still) 7. Taking care of baby 8. Shopping for paint 9. Laundry
See, I have been(or in the case of 8 and 2 will be) busy this weekend and it's only 1:35 p.m on Saturday. Last night I helped move bil(ok, I chased baby around while hubby helped) and today hubby helped finish(mostly) moving bil(brother in law). So it's official, our "new house" is now empty and we can paint, clean and move in! Let's see, what else???
Oh yeah, I've made it to chapters 19, 20, and 21(final) and have done my first read through. I'm waiting on edits from bil to finish those chapters up. I've also been reading through my synopsis, which I need to send to bil to have him edit and make suggestions. After that I need to do the third and final read through of D4 and then it's time to query! My query letter is only missing a few things: final page count, final word count, the word complete :), and just before I send it out, I need to personally address it to each agent. Woopee! I'm sooooooo close I can taste it and yet I still feel so far away. I almost want to drag this out because last night I was thinking about how comfortable it was to be in the story as compared to the new story I will soon be drowning in. But no, my goal is to get this book published so that other people can read it and hopefully enjoy it :) Ok, I'm back to the synopsis. Have a great weekend and Halloween!

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