Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Blues

Well I finally managed to work on my synopsis and tweak my query letter. What was holding me back? Well, this weekend, I decided that for my son, the Binky would exist no more. All in all, this weekend went ok. Nap time today? Not so good. He woke up after only an hour, sobbing and took forever to calm down and then go back to sleep. By forever, I mean like hour. Talk about exhausting.
But I have managed to go all the way through my synopsis again and shorten it to...12 pages instead of 13. Lol, I am so glad that the agents so far that I'm planning on querying that want a synopsis didn't give a page limit! All right, I don't have much else to say. Oh, yeah, came up with a great scene for my next wip on Friday. Now I think I need to crack down and start on D4 of my current WIP. I kind of dread this because I think it will be the hardest yet. Each draft is like going through layers of rock to sand. Big, easy to sort through rocks at first, but they finally get to tiny grains of sand that you have to comb through to find the pieces that don't fit. Picture that, pieces of sand that don't fit in with all the other tiny pieces of sand. It ain't easy I tell you! Ok, now for real, I'm done. Keep on writing!

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