Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I made it through chapter 10 yesterday and started chapter 11. I was also substituting. I'm so grateful I had great students. However, my husband pointed out I should check with a teacher friend to see if it's ok for me to work on my WIP while substituting. My response was, well it's ok to read a book, so why not? But just in case, I will be checking. Otherwise I will stick to just working on my WIP during my planning period and may be lunch.
Now, the bad news...I worked diligently on my WIP but not on transferring my handwritten blogs. Hmmm....I guess that means...well I don't know what, because when it comes down to it, my WIP needs to come first. Ok, that's all I got's for now! :) Have a great day! ( I know I will because I didn't get called in! )

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