Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More Random Thoughts

Mmmm Hmmm, that's right, I'm working! *dance* Sidetrack: The nice thing about *dancing* on the internet is that it doesn't matter I actually have no rhythm; the thing that matters is I can type "dance" with *'s surrounding it and you guys can get the picture without the horror(or embarrassment) of actually seeing me dance ;)
Ok, lets set this up again. I got called in to sub for a HS Science teacher an hour before I had to be there(which actually gave me plenty of time.)
---1st hour: -cologne(big difference between hs and ms boys, lol)- sleeping kid= my heart rocketing - quiet(12 kids) - some days(or every day?) you, as in the student, just don't care
---2nd hour: - paper rattling - 12 kids
---3rd hour: - groan - complain - 21 kids - long sleeves - so far not as (obviously) sneaky as MS kids - old friend at a glance
---4th hour: - Rowdy :) - openly sneaky - 25 kids - green ink not hot - again rowdy - sophomores
---Lunch: - chat - nerves but at least I had food!
---5th hour: - Recognition - Oliver a teenager, Impossible - talked about - rotten in a completely nice way
---6th: - 9 kids - food makes my random thoughts list much shorter, but I really don't mind!

I had a great day at school and I've been productive at home. I managed to finish up chapter 8 my edits and bil's edits, but I still need to read it through again :( But I did spend 30 minutes on it :) Also, I've blogged and come up with the brilliant idea of prewriting blogs while substitute teaching(I need something to do that will be ok if my flow/creativity is stopped in its tracks as I actually do my job, he, he).

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