Sunday, October 10, 2010

Name That Character

Let’s start with my main chick. So far I’ve been lucky in that my current WIP and my next WIP main chick’s name came to me right off. I just knew the names were right. Naming everyone else was a little harder. I had a list of who would be in the book and an idea of how old they were. From that point, I searched up girl and boy names from the year those characters would have been born. Now, I don’t just pick a top ten names, or even always top 100 names, but I think a lot of the names from my current WIP came from the top 100 names of the round about birth year for my characters. Some names I picked just because (these are for characters who don’t play as big a role) and some names I picked because they “felt” right. That’s the point right now that I’m at for my next WIP. I’ve got a list of names, which I’ll probably add to, for all the characters that I know are going to show up. It’s not always easy to pick a name though. I’ve got two guys who are matching up to a name I really like, so for now I’m waiting to find another “right” name that will hopefully help me pick which name belongs to each guy.

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