Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oh My

It has been a while since I've blogged and I've been busy almost every minute! I substituted Thurs. and Fri., we closed on our new house Thurs., went to a housewarming party Fri. night, hubby and I spent almost all day Sat. together just me and him, and we went to church and out to eat this morning. Plus in between I've been taking care of baby and trying to stay somewhat up on house work.
So I"ve got a plan to help keep up with blogging. While I sub I've been writing in a notebook and what I"ve been writing is blogs! Yay! So that just means I need to take the time to put all those on the computer and then copy and paste! Also, I've been slacking on D4 because hubby has felt neglected. So I've also come up with another idea to take care of possibly blogging, but way more importantly, my writing. Every teacher has a planning hour, which means I have an hour that I have nothing to do. I will be taking my laptop to work with me and editing during that hour. But still...between work, baby, hubby, moving my bil(brother in law), moving ourselves and working on our new house I will be very busy for the next, oh couple of months at the very least!
I'm kind of sad because I am coming to terms with the fact that all this busy-ness is going to ruin my plans for NaNoWriMo. It is vitally important to me that I get my current WIP queried out before I actually start writing a new book. That's life though :(
Ok, I"m sure all of you are crazy busy but I implore you, keep that goal front and paramount. Even if you only get a couple hundred words in a day or only 1 page edited a day, that is one more than if you cleaned your house, or went for a walk, or sat and watched t.v.
One last thing, I've edited chapter 9 now!

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