Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Draft 4

Ok, I'm going to start with what's difficult in life. I mentioned yesterday that baby no longer gets a binky and now he has a cold--as in coughing, sneezing, green snot-- this is proving to be a terrible time to have taken "it" away. I will persevere though!
I have started on Draft 4 today. Yay me! No I mean seriously YAY me! I have been very reluctant to do this, for multiple reasons, but last night I really decided and felt the urge to just do it! Of course, being the procrastinator that I am, I didn't actually do it until today :) I did however send an email to one of my beta readers who hasn't sent me any feedback other than "more please." LOL. Her response was that we need to have a "book club" meeting or a long phone call. Lets face it, meetings are far easier than phone calls for me because of horrible cell service at my house and a 16 month old, so a meeting it is! For now though I will start with just myself and my one other beta reader. I had 3/4 and now I have 2. My m-i-l got bored, she's busy with work and paranormal ain't her thing, and my mom likes to read off and on which isn't fast enough for me to edit. So I'm down to my bil(brother-in-law), who isn't necessarily into paranormal but has still been great, and my cousin("more please.") Oh yeah, and... ME! Let's face it (he, he) it is my book and therefore my opinion is important!
So I've started with chapter one, I read through it and made a few changes here and there. Then I read through bil's edits and comments and added/changed what I agreed with. Now I need to do one more read through but my eyes were getting tired. So instead, I came here to blog! Ha, ha, I seriously crack myself up. But none the less in one hour I have almost completed c1 of D4.
I've got a main goal that I've been working towards and baby steps have helped me along the way. I actually failed part of my main goal, but I'm mostly ok with that. I failed at finishing the whole book in one year from the day I first started racking up the word count. That date was October 4th, but again, I'm ok with that because: 1. I have a draft3 synopsis, 2. I have a query letter I'm pretty darn happy with 3. I want my book to be as close to perfect as I can get before querying it out and 4. I still haven't failed the second half of my main goal, which is to have the book queried out to agents before the start of 2011. I have kind of switched the order of things getting done around in that I've done some preparation to query(letter and synopsis and list of agents) before the manuscript is COMPLETE, but that was because I needed a break from the grind of editing. And I feel good about where I'm at for the most part. What was that? You want to know about the for the most part? Well I have a shiny, 2 month old idea that is going to be my next wip and I'd like to be working on it come November and so...I must finish my current WIP before I start on my next wip.

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