Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Work of a Different Sort

So today makes the second day I'm not substituting this week. And Friday the kids have off school and tomorrow is a 1/2 day soooo... The good news is I"m getting work of a different sort done.
I"m up to chapter 16 on D4! Baby went with his Papa to get his hair cut (I didn't want to take him because he screams blood murder). That gave me an hour this morning and now I've been working on it during his afternoon nap. Yay progress! The negative side effect is that staring at the computer makes my eyes tired and so I miss some mistakes that luckily my beta reader caught. I'm wondering if I should be doing my third read through out loud?? Something to think about :) Keep on keeping on!
P.s. Sorry this isn't exciting, I'm just taking a quick breather from editing and can't get myself into a creative mode, there fore, the boring post :)

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