Friday, October 15, 2010

Draft 4 so far

OK, I've almost completed editing c4 of D4. So far I've been reading through each chapter and fixing any punctuation, wording, etc.(mostly little stuff) and then I look through each chapter with the corrections my bil(brother in law) sent me and fix all that I agree with(which are most of them, but not all :) Then I try to do one last read through of each chapter before I move on to the next. Let me tell, you, that 3rd read through is the hardest. I feel like by then I'm not catching much. In fact I"m considering leaving that 3rd read through until I'm completely done with the book. Right now I need to do that 3rd read-through on c4 before moving on to c5.
So mostly I've changed some punctuation here and there(I'm not that great with commas) and I"ve rearranged the wording of some sentences, but I have made one major change although I've done it subtly enough(IMO) that I didn't really have to do any major reconstruction. Basically, all of my beta readers(even the 2 who puttered out after a few chapters) have agreed that I wasn't detailed enough in the explanation of how the family of my leading lady works. After my beta readers finish the book, I'm going to send them a "new" chapter 1 to see if they think the changes I made were enough.
Other than adding a bit more detail to the inner workings of the family, I feel like there's not much I want to change about my far :) I do have 17 more chapters to go. I"m shoot for having draft 4 done by the end of October, D4 being the final draft before querying, and having my beta readers take a look at my query and synopsis, then querying my WIP out. So hopefully by October 31 my WIP will be out of my hands. I'm wishing you productive writing, or riding, or whatever your passion may be!

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