Thursday, December 31, 2009

Shower Time

Some of my best "book" time is spent in the shower while hubby is home to watch baby. I really prefer to have a good idea of the scenes that I'm about to write before I actually sit down to write them. That means the shower time is very important to me and my book. Another good time for me is as I'm laying in bed trying to fall asleep. Granted, I don't usually come up with new ideas but I'm able to play out scenes in my head over and over again so that I have them "just right."
Oh yeah,
I will be going to sleep in aproximately 45 minutes, so the new year will be ringing in while I'm asleep. That's ok, I really like my sleep. So since resolutions seem to always be the theme this time of year, I'll mention mine. It's one I've already commited to though. I will finish my current WIP in 2010 and have it queried out to agents too. And since looking back and looking forward are also a big part, here goes:
My favorite part of 2009? My baby being born! The next best thing of 2009 was being able to move back home to be near our family.
What am I looking forward to? My baby growing up and walking and playing with him and doing all the things I've always done, but with my baby. You know, like swim, play with the horses, sit in the sun, go camping.... Ok, onward, onward!

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