Friday, December 4, 2009

Let's talk about...Life

So today started out wonderful and then went, well not so wonderful, but now is again, wonderful!
So baby did normal last night, maybe even better than normal. That surprised me since he had 4 shots yesterday. He was great this morning and I was super excited because my fil was going to watch him so I could get some major shopping done.
Well, I dropped him off with my fil and went out to feed the horses before I left. Our dog was going nuts! She was chewing desperately on her chainlink pen and looking around, I saw no reason for this. I yelled at her to stop it as I was walking around a shed, the dog disappearing out of sight for a minute. Breathing the crisp morning air, "cough". The scent of burning plastic drifted to my nose on the breeze of smoke. I ran the rest of the way around the shed and saw smoke trailing out of Izzy's dog house. My husband had wanted her to be warm(may be he should let her be an inside dog, but that's a different story) so he put a heat lamp in her house. Her house happens to be one of those thick plastic ones. He even checked it a couple hours later to make sure all was well and it was. Not this morning though! I unplugged the heat lamp and then pulled the house away from the shed it butts up to. Good thing, because a few seconds later all those smoldering shavings burst into flame. I ran to hook up the hose and turned it on. Did I mention there was frost on the ground? No? The hose was frozen. I decided I couldn't handle this as well as I thought so I ran inside. Thank you fil! The dog house collapsed a few minutes later. Izzy is perfectly fine but I'm wondering about tonight with no dog house. Of course, she probably(errr, hopefully) didn't sleep in it last night either.
Well, after that excitement, I went shopping :) I got some much needed stuff and started my chirstmas shopping :) I haven't wrote anything yet, but notice I said yet. There is a big scene that need writing and I've had a couple days to sit on it. Here's to hoping it turns out slammin'!

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