Monday, January 4, 2010

The Numbers

Ok, so here are the brief :) numbers from 2009 and the first numbers from 2010.
Number of words written: 28,139
Time spent so far on current WIP: Started around 9/6/09 with plotting, so almost 4 months

Current word count: 28,636
So I'm thinking of a round about goal of 75,000 words total for this YA book. What does that mean progresswise? Well 75,000 minus 28,636 equals 46,364 more words to go! Here's to hoping that I write those words faster than the first 28,636!
To finish this first draft in the next six months I need to write about 258 words a day, and more if a don't write on the weekends. So for each month I need to write 7740 words (approximately.) And that means that come February 1st, my word count should be at: 36376.
Wish me luck!

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