Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Writing has currently slowed to a mere trickle. In fact today was the first day I've wrote anything in several days. I've either been busy with "stuff" or busy with baby. I've also slowed down quite a bit on blogging. I'm afraid the drip...drip...dripping may continue until after the holidays. Also it is very cold. I have been quite spoiled with unusually nice weather until now. It is quite disappointing.
On a happier note, my Christmas tree is up and has lights on half of it. I hope I finish the lights and ornaments before Christmas :0 Also, I picked up my Christmas cards yesterday and let me just tell you, my baby is freakin' adorable! lol, I'm thinking of making him a model so hubby can quit his job and we can both be stay at home parents. ;)

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