Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A downward spiral

The word count on my chapters is shrinking from chapter to chapter. I think I know how to fix it, but that won't happen until, you got it, editing time. I think that it's a matter of trying to cram a whole bunch of vital information in the first couple chapters and now I'm getting on with the story. There's also another possible reason but that has to do with how I'm structuring the book and I'm not confident with it, anyways. I'm thinking some of the information may be able to wait until later in the book to come out and possible I will divide the first few chapters. That would mess with the structure I'm talking about though. These are all problems that I will deal with at editing time. Oh, I foresee a headache coming on!
Another downer: New Years plans were ruined by hubby having to unexpectedly work :( Oh well, for all that, I'm really not in a bad mood, just a little bored :) Onward, Onward!

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