Monday, December 28, 2009


I managed to write a little over 900 words last night. I'm not sure if where I stopped was a good end of the scene. I was so tired that my eyelids felt like they were made of lead. Quite possibly that could be a sign of a crappy scene :( Hopefully not. How sad is it that at 9 pm I'm done for? lol at myself.
I am planning on breaking out the pack 'n play today. My son is too fast and inquisitive for me to do anything anymore. There was a point in time before now that I thought a play pen was cruel and lazy. I can not spend all day sitting behind him to catch him when he pulls up on the couch, the tv stand, the highchair, etc... when there are dished to do, a floor to sweep, etc... The problem right now is a Christmas tree and the very small apartment we live in. I'm hoping to get the PNP out first and have that safety net for taking down the tree. Speaking of the tree, I was going to leave it up until after New Years, but "Why?" I ask myself. It is only in the way and blocked off from baby. The PNP will be taking it's spot, hopefully soon :)
Ok, enough rambling, enjoy your day!

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