Thursday, December 10, 2009

Just for the record

Ok, so I think I finished chapter 2 yesterday. Now I need to sit and thoroughly plot out chapter 3(I all ready have the general idea). I'm hoping that as I plot out chapter 3 I'll get a feel for whether chapter 2 was really done. Of course if I start writing 3 and then realize 2 wasn't done I will then have the dilema of whether or not to break the No Editing rule again. Oh well, I'm fairly confident I have it right. And...just for the record, below is my current writing update.
Time spent writing:33 minutes
Word count:20,748
Number of pages:60 1/3
Words written yesterday:887

On the darker side of life, last night sucked royally. Baby was bad...For no reason he was up at 230 am and wouldn't go back to sleep. After an hour of sitting and standing around in the dark with him, he then decided that either A. he was hungry or B. he wanted a bottle to sooth himself back to sleep. I wasn't going to feed him since he usually goes until 430 or even later before having to eat. Hubby gave in and fed him. After that baby was asleep and hubby couldn't sleep. So he went in to work over an hour earlier than normal. Due to parenting differences, I have no sympathy for him. :)

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