Wednesday, December 16, 2009

La, la, la...

Ok, enough joyful singing. Today I managed to write about 1,148 words in about 47 minutes. I've got it in my head how I want the chapter to go, so basically it's a matter of just sitting down and typing. I always feel a little bogged down as I get to each chapter and have to do that whole working out the details thing. I just can't sit down and type. I have to have a detailed idea of each scene that I want to fit in a chapter. Then I take all of my "spare" time and hash out more details, picturing the scenary and listening to the characters' conversations. Now, once I get past the plotting out detailed ideas, I can easily get the scenes started typing-wise while I'm still playing things out in my head. What a hodge podge of way of getting 'er done, huh? Oh well, may be it will get easier with each book I write and finish(*a little bit of positive thinking there*), at least I certainly hope so!

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