Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pat my back!

Well, blogging must be good for me, 'cause I'm doing better this week with my goals! I worked with Rain Monday night. I booted, saddled, bridled, and lunged her with no problems. Her only upset was to get a little stiff and high headed while I saddled her. I can't blame her though, I haven't done it since last fall. Other than that, I was super proud of her. Now I will say she was a butt this morning and didn't want her fly mask on. I ended up getting her, Big Boy and Nina in the round pen and with the help of the other two, I was able to get her to hold still for the mask. It was actually kind of strange, almost like the other two knew what I wanted to do and that Rain was being rediculous. They basically made her hold still for me :)
As for editing, I worked for about an hour or so yesterday and I worked about 15 minutes today. Onward, onward!

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