Friday, June 4, 2010

You can stop patting now :(

So, I didn't work on my WIP on Thursday. I've been a bit crabby and after reading Deadline Dames last night, I've realized I've had some Gremlins in the shower with me! In some ways I can't believe I made it this long with out doubting myself and/or my story. And now...well I guess I'll keep pluggin away.
I worked Rain Wednesday night and it wasn't that great. She got spooked by Grayson(a cat) and took off bucking around the round pen. After that she never quite relaxed. Also while I can spray her off with the hose, if the water is splashing into the mud, it scares the poo out of her. Oh yeah, one more thing...For some reason she doesn't like me to put the fly mask on. Even Nina, who doesn't like to be caught(aka haltered), stands still or will even approach me to have her mask put on. The other day it was kinda funny because I got Nina, Big Boy and Rain(I was just going for Rain) in the round pen so I could put Rain's mask on. Rain was reluctant about letting me put her mask on and I was working on approaching her, not masking her but rubbing it on her neck and head, then walking away. Well the other two ruined it because they basically penned her in so that she had to put the mask on and not move. So much for practice!

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