Wednesday, June 16, 2010


It started Monday. I found one of my chickens dead. I knew something had been getting in, but having caught and dealt with a racoon, I thought I had my culprit.
On to Tuesday. Baby broke out in hives while playing outside. I wasn't too worried at first but my father in law was which got me worried. I will say however, my mother in law was not at all worried. Five minutes after administering medicine per dr.'s orders, hives were disappearing. So whatever it was, it was gone before the medicine could have done any good. Next comes my niece who I was giving riding lessons to last summer. She wanted to ride and I'm a sucker, despite the heat. So we went down to the shed and I heard her say, "Karen, one of your chickens is dead." As I approached the outside coop, I counted 3 dead and there were actually 2 dead inside. About five minutes later my f-i-l saw a fox running down the road. Culprit found but not dealt with. I'm not vengeful though and the deed's been done, so I won't be hunting down Mr. Fox, whom I'm pretty sure was coming back for seconds(he didn't eat all of the chickens, just killed them all.) So no more chickens :( RIP Broody and the rest of my girls, they were my pets, not just a farm animal :(
I will say I did put in about 30-60 minutes of editing work, although this was before I found my chickens.
Oh yeah, and this morning my mil is knocking on my door. I open up and she says, "Wayne's in the front yard." Wayne is my husband's uncle who's in from out of state. All I could think was why do I care if he's in the front yard. It was 6 am and baby had a rough night. I asked a couple more times before I figured out she meant "Rain", my paint mare. I left the far gate open last night after using it to haul off my chickens. At least the rest of the day, so far, knock on wood, hasn't went quite so bad.

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