Thursday, June 10, 2010

Good day!

Editing is flowing a little better now. I've got a couple scenes more before I hit the end of 1D's chapter 1 making it chapter 1 of 2D. There are certainly a lot of differences, but other than the beginning, I'm doing less major overhauling(read not deleting and rewriting about 8 pages).
I had a great day with baby today. Other than a couple of meltdowns cause he was sooo tired, all was good. We spent almost 2 hours outside with his 2 y/o cousin playing in a kiddie pool. I got burnt on my legs and they look rediculous(deliberate mis-spelling). Only the tops of my thighs burnt and only half of those due to the angle of the sun and where I was sitting. Plus in the middle of the burn there's a white spot where I squirted out some sunblock to dab from while putting it on baby and my niece's face. Oh well ;) I really don't mind, the day completely made up for it.
Also finished the free read, the short second life of bree tanner. Very good and adds good perspective to Eclipse. I'm thinking I'll be buying the book even though I read it for free :) I'm a fanATIC, what else can I say.
Now off to take out my contacts, brush my teeth, clean clothes of the bed, pj's and bed. Good night!

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