Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Why you shouldn't shower

Ok, so besides gremlins being in the shower with you(Deadline Dames reference), there is something else out there that can be very scarey. In fact, thinking about it, it could almost be a gremlin. It is....Shiney New Idea...Dun, dun, dun! Last night in the midst of a relaxing shower, I came up wtih SNI and had to write it down. So after getting out of the shower I wrote a couple of scenes and plot ideas and even shed a tear one of the scenes was so intense for me. And then...well it fizzled out. Hmmm, not sure if that means I don't have anywhere to go with it or what. Actually this idea touches a very important part of me so I think it has potential even though it would pull a lot out of me. However, I'm going to be grateful(I seem to be using that word a lot in my WIP) that it fizzled out for now. Because my New Years goal for 2010 was to have this WIP completed and sent out to find an agent. I will say though, that the sputtering idea is saved in a document titled "Random Ideas." There are some pieces or chunks in this case, of ideas that do not deserve to be discarded. Of course, as I looked at some of the other Random Ideas, I thought, "Mmmmm, may be not." Oh well, I can't be concerned with that. Now since curiosity and numbers and comparisons and calculating my progress are some things I'm obsessed with, I looked back to see how long it took me to write my first chapter. It took a couple days over a month. I have way more than 6 chapters, so clearly I picked up the pace and so I'm hoping to say the same when I make it to The End of 2D(second draft.)
I spent just about 35-40 minutes editing this morning + I worked out for almost 40 minutes and I took a shower. Woot, woot! Now I'm missing my baby and hoping he wakes up soon :)

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