Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Ever feel like that "Soooooooo......." where everything is just dragging out and taking forever? Well, that's how I feel about chapter 1 of 2D right now. Of course there's not a complete c.1 for 2D right now because I haven't finished editing it yet. I've been so much less motivated for editing my WIP than I was to write it in the first place. I admit I've let myself slide some, but geeze, this is ridiculous. I still have about 12 pages to edit and the chapter was about 25 pages to begin with. Yes, I know that seems ridiculously long, but lucky for me, I've seen a possible breaking point. Yay! Well we'll see. So far in this adventure of editing the first chapter I've realized that the first 8 pages were a great idea but written very stupidly. I can almost laugh about how silly I wrote out the scene, but not quite. Now I've also realized something else about the first 3 chapters of the 1D(first draft), that is changing the, hmmm, time frame of the book. Ok, I admit that's vague and doesn't make sense, but at least I understand, kind of :), right? Ok, to end this ramble, I put in 1 and a little + hours this afternoon, completing 2 scenes. Yay me!

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