Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blogs and Blogging

I've done a little adding and deleting to the list of blogs I follow. There were a couple that I don't neccessarily dislike but they weren't updating regularly and/or I just wasn't clicking on them. I'd like to follow blogs that I really enjoy or I feel help me keep a pinky on the industry. I found a coupld of blogs that look interesting so I'm going to try them out and if I like them I'll add them to the list.
As for the blogging part, I hope to be more interesting than just making this an online journal. We'll see if that happens :)
As for that blog about being busy, well it's still true, but I'm making time by typing as fast as possible :) I've applied for a job and am desperately searching out a job. Why? Well quite unexpectedly we might be buying a house, if it works out. And if not? Well I still need a job so that we can save up to buy a house when we're ready. I love being a stay at home mom and having the time to write while baby naps, but real life needs to go on. For mine and my hubby's goals in life to happen, I need a job. So while being a stay at home mom is work, I'm ready for the type of work that pays in cash. Wish me luck!
Oh yeah, I have been putting time in on my WIP and I've made it up to 77 pages. Yay me!
Ok, I'm writing this last, but that doesn't make it any less important. In fact, I may post more about it tomorrow for your enjoyment. I found a website, www.elfwood.com that has lots of great scifi/fantasy artwork. Go lookie loo!

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