Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Little Sorry

Ok, a lot sorry, because I know that my blogging generally reflects how much I've been working on my WIP. Obviously it hasn't been much. I finished reading D2 yesterday and am going to start reading it again, but this time with a red pen and highlighters handy. Yes, I decided to print out D2 and I'll probably be printing out D3 too. I'm sorry to the trees. I don't much like the beginning, particularly the first couple chapters of my book. They were ROUGH. Of course, I remembered in the middle of the book that I rewrote quite a bit in the beginning which would explain why it was so rough. I do believe I will once again be rewriting the beginning. *Sigh*
I have also slacked off on working with Rain and that may continue. I hate asking others to watch baby and hubby is starting off the fall/end of summer with a bang of activities.
I need a job, a real job, until writing starts paying me and I admit that at this rate it's gonna be awhile before writing pays. *Sigh*
I know, what a depressing first post in 2 weeks. I'm in a funk and I just read a couple posts at Deadline Dames which crushed any hopes I might have of having success in the next 20 years at writing. Oh well, onward onward. Seriously, you too, get to it!

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