Thursday, August 5, 2010

Heylo, Heylo

Well for the past week I've been completely vegging out. Ok, well the first few days I had the problem of couldn't get my mind off my book. In fact I was working on researching for the book, and how to query and agents I'd like to query. Lucky for me, Blockbuster combined with TB season 2 has allowed me to chill out. I want to be able to come at the 3rd draft fresh and I feel like now I'll be able to do that. However, I do face a problem right now that I'm feeling ready to take on D3. I feel like I need to read my book on paper straight through but I feel horrible about wasting paper/trees on such an unfinished book! Not to mention, my plan for my beta and editing readers is to pass on draft 3 chapter by finished chapter and some of those readers prefer a paper draft. That means printing off both D2 and D3(multiple times). What do you all think?
On a side note I have a few confessions. This is my public, errrr, punishment for slacking off. I have not worked Rain in a week and I haven't worked out since Monday. I am a slacker and I am mostly ashamed. Especially as I zip up shorts that I am paranoid about being snug. I know, superficial but it's my downfall. Everyone worries about how they look, right? Even though many of us shouldn't. Ok, enough blathering. Have a nice day!

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