Monday, August 23, 2010


I had a busy weekend. I spent Friday getting ready to go camp and then me, hubby, baby and a couple friends went camping. Baby has had it bad lately :( He had a fever Friday, which did go away. He ate over easy eggs Saturday and still has the rash! Sunday was ok, it was just busy for him. We did have a good time camping, hubby rode a jet ski, baby and I played on the play grounds a lot, we all went swimming and we had some awesome steaks, potatoes and pork 'n beans for dinner. Sunday morning, we got up at 6 and hardly anyone else was awake in the park! So we took our time packing up and then headed home. We spent the rest of the day with some of hubby's family and that night with my family. It was great!
I haven't worked on my book since Thursday. That is next on my agenda. I've red inked 35 pages and applied the changes to Word. Now I'd like to read through those 35 pages and see if there's anything else I can catch before moving on to red ink some more! I hope you all are still trudging through! By the way, if you have any extra motivation laying around to get all that needs done, done, I'd love some!

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