Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Red Ink to the Word

Between yesterday and today I have managed to edit c.2 of D2 making it into c.4 and c.5 of D3. That's 52 pages and counting folks! Also I had the idea at the end of c.5(and also found it in my journal during phase D2) that I need to add in a scene here. Adding this scene fits the book to a T. There's just one problem...I haven't written that scene yet :o I am actually dreading it for the simple fact that I dread switching hats back and forth. It isn't that bad, really, just me being finicky. I'm not quite sure when I'll do it, either today or tomorrow, but I do know that I have to do it now. Otherwise I'll keep putting it off and forget it, kind of like I did while making D2 ;)
On to other news. I gave baby Benedryl yesterday to help with his rash and it didn't :( So today I took him to see a nurse practitioniar who said that since he's so fair skinned, he'll be the first to get a rash and the last to have the rash. He said the rash should be gone in about/as long as 3 weeks. Yes, I said THREE WEEKS! But it's not bothering baby, so I'm going to work on not letting it bother me.
Last night I did a quick, as in five minutes, work out with Rain and she of course did wonderful. I also took the time to hand graze both her and the old man, aka Foster.
I watched my dvr'd recording of Degrassi and I am stoked about the final week of Degrassi, The Boiling Point.
Hmmmm....ok, can't think of anything else to bore you with. Keep on writing!

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