Thursday, May 20, 2010

What do you see?

I was just thinking the other day how I skipped a lot of descriptions when it came to the characters in my book. Why? Well, I've realized for a while that when I read, I don't depend too much on those descriptions. Generally I keep in mind hair color, eye color, pretty or average, sometimes tall or short, but I don't ever have real specifics. I never see a face. Even after watching the Twilight movies, I can dive right into one of the books and not see Kristan Steward or Robert Pattinson. I thought this was strange until I asked my father in law what he saw when read. Like me, he sees general descriptions but doesn't put a real face to the characters. He did point out however that it does matter and used an example(shortened version) of normal looking people verses people who started looking more like ogres. The descriptions of the people in this case was very important to the plot and story. Anyways, all this made me wonder, what do you all see when you read? Do you plug in a face, familiar or made up? Or do you just have a general idea? I'm not saying that descriptions shouldn't be included, but how important are the details? "...flowing hair, the color of dark chocolate, gently curled into loose curls..." or "...long hair, rich dark brown, curls lying against her shoulder..."

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