Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Ok, so let's be brief as possible, 'cause I'm so tired.
I've worked on my WIP for at least an hour, probably more today. I made a dumb mistake. I tried to start editing chapter 1 without having read it. Considering I've never read it, just wrote right through it, this was incredibly dumb. So, after not even getting through one paragraph, I realized I needed to read through the chapter. I've read the chapter, skimmed some of it, and as I did I made notes on a seperate document (WhatToFix) so that I can refer to it as I edit. I color coded my notes with my 2D. I also decided to change the font of the second draft, a tip I read somewhere, on putting one's self into editing mode. I also changed the font color of the first draft to purple. As I edit, I plan on changing it back to black. I'll let you know if these little quirks work :)
I've noticed that, for me, there is sometimes/always just as much prep work as there is actual work(i.e. plot, write, plot write, read some of WIP, prep to edit what was read, edit......)
There is more to life right now than my WIP, but I am just too tired to tell it. I stayed up late just to prep for editing, so enough bloggin, on to sleep!

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