Saturday, May 15, 2010

Review/Spoilers/Shift by Rachel Vincent

So on my week off, after finishing draft 1, I read Shift by Rachel Vincent. I have read all of this series and I love it. I will say, it is emotionally intense! Faythe has to save her Pride from the thunderbirds. The whole time she’s doing this with the help of the two men she loves! And one doesn’t know about the other! Did I mention that along with saving her Pride, she’s also saving a prized tabby? Tension!!! This book sucked me in and kept me reading, just like all the rest. But again, there is an emotional level that you don’t find in say, a Sookie book. Faythe sometimes makes stupid decisions and sometimes it’s not for a bad reason. Then you have to watch her go through the consequences. Sometimes I really dislike her mistakes, but I tell you what, she has grown as a character so much, that I dislike her mistakes a little less. Also, she’s growing up in a world that’s a lot tougher on women than ours so I mostly give her a break 

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