Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dead Until Dark

So I read Dead Until Dark about a month ago. This is the first book in the Sookie Stackhouse series and the tv series True Blood is based on this series. I loved it! I devoured the book and hence did not get any writing done. I will not be reading any more of these books or watching the season 1 until I am done writing my first draft, the book was that good. Sookie can read people’s thoughts and yet she’s pretty darn normal considering that. Instead of being some glamoured up, kick butt chick, she’s normal! This character is written in such a way that she’s believable. She acts like how a real person would act if they actually had her ability and grew up where she did(small southern town). It was a great break/relief to read a book set in a small town, with supernatural characters and normal characters facing everyday problems. Don’t get me wrong, I love urban fantasy to death(Keri Arthur and Rachel Vincent are 2 of my favorite authors), but I like to have a change too. There was a bit of mystery to this book, a killer on the loose, and I had no idea who it was until it happened. I was definitely surprised, but not in a too dramatic way. This book was great. Now I will say, I do have a couple ‘negatives’ to say, but really one isn’t my words and the other is being nit picky. Ok, first, I’ve heard it said that this is an adult Twilight book, but I totally disagree. Sure, there are some similarities, but come on, there are lot’s of books out there with similarities. Look how many werewolf stories there are, do we lump them all together? No! The other negative is about Sookie’s love story. In some sort of way, I feel like it all happened too fast. Although, on the other hand, she does have her doubts and asks her man to back off a couple of different times so she can acclimate. I dunno, it’s confusing to me(my opinion that is) so I’m sure it’s confusing to you too!

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